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Hey wonderful customers,

Below are a list of questions and answers I hope will help you understand Kindling, the clothing, fabrics and people better. I, Nina, (owner, designer and chief of all decisions) am really happy to share with you how and why I run Kindling the way I do. I am happy to discuss the supply chain, ethical standpoint, environmental responsibility with you should you have more questions that come up after reading below.



Where are your garments made?

Clothing is made in Vietnam and Australia. The Vietnamese pieces are made in our workshop in Hanoi, the Australian-made pieces are made by a family run company in Melbourne. Our Vietnamese and Australian manufacturers are all small business owners like us. They set their own prices for each piece based on making the garment from start to finish twice to assess difficulty and skill.  They choose their workload and hours worked. The pieces made in Vietnam are cut then sewn by one person from beginning to end by professional seamstresses we have known personally for over 8 years now. 

What fibres and fabric do you use?

Fabrics include Japanese hemp, linen and cotton blends, also salvaged vintage fabrics and remnants. All materials are made from natural fibres and are chosen for their environmental credibilities - fibre, manufacture and longevity. 

Where is your brass jewellery made?

Our Brass jewellery is handmade in Vietnam. It included a collection of earrings and pendant necklaces designed to compliment our clothing.

How else do you try to reduce the footprint of your business?

All packaging is biodegradable and recycled where possible. In some cases this is extremely ugly (imagine the same thick plastic bag used to line random cardboard boxes picked up from local business over and over again). Our clothing has never been and never will be individually wrapped in plastic packs - this is the industry standard however I refuse to comply since it is completely unnecessary and generates horrible amounts of one-use-plastic waste. All paper is we print on 100% post consumer recycled. We buy green power and proudly a very big worm farm generating a fantastic amount of compost for my home garden.

Your returns policy says I have to inform you of a return within 4 days, why?

Kindling is a small independent label. The purchase of fabric, cost of manufacture, and all other business costs are tied to the end product, the clothing which we produce in small scale limited runs slowly. A lot of the time we are only holding a few in each size at any moment and it is always a juggle to when in one day 4 people purchase the same dress in the same size, then that style will be sold out unless there is a return or another run coming. If we know that a return is coming we can better manage our production, support our customers, and run our business efficiently.

Why don't you have free shipping or returns?

Post in Australia is expensive (and slow OMG).  My aim is to offer affordable high quality and special clothing that meets your needs. We pay everyone along the way a fair wage and penalty rates. I am not going to absorb and hide the shipping cost, a real cost for our business, so you value the clothing more. If you want to have this garment because you will wear it and feel good, then the shipping is a small price to pay for the convenience of it turning up at your house. If you want to lobby Australia Post to offer us a better, fairer, faster postal service I encourage you! 

I bought a dress last season but I have put on/lost weight/had a baby, can you alter it for me?

I want to say yes because I love to use my hard skills and my beautiful sewing machine to make your Kindling clothes fit perfectly and last longer, however, the best person for this job is your local alterations person sometimes found in your local laundromat or at the supermarket next to the key cutting guy ... or... why not jump on youtube and upskill a little - learn how to sew on a button, take up a hem, let out a seam. You will feel so clever.

I bought a skirt last season and the zip broke, can you replace it?

There is many ways to stress and break a zip which does not mean the zip was originally faulty, indeed we check every zip before sewing they into the garment, and again after they are in place. I use the most highest quality expensive zips since I want them to last as long as possible. Also you might notice that I design a lot with buttons, at the back of a skirt or the top part of a dress to reduce the need for zips to cross seam lines, the most common place for zips to weaken or get tugged on over time. Please be gentle when you are doing up your garment, I will replace zips only if they are faulty within four weeks of purchase. 

Here is a great blog about one womans zip-bust story which finishes with ways to care for you zip to avoid busting at all. xx

I love a dress I bought from you, do you have it in another fabric?

Possibly! Every season the collection is made up of old, tried and true styles, reworked with new fabrics and details + new styles to keep it fresh. Please email me if you can't find your favourite dress since there is a chance it is due for release just round the corner.


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