Denim — Fabric & Care

At Kindling, we believe in long lasting timeless clothing that makes you feel good. We choose our fabrics with longevity in mind, using natural materials and partnering with amazing seamstresses for our manufacture. However the way we care for our clothing pieces is just as important. Each fibre and fabric requires a little bit of understanding as to its properties and best care methods. We hope you find our care guide useful!


Denim is a strong, long lasting and hard wearing material. It is created using a twill weave and double set of cotton yarns. The strength of denim fabrics means that (with a little bit of care), your denim garments will last you for a long time.


One of the best things about denim is you don’t need to wash it much, in fact, the less you wash it the better! Washing sparingly helps to avoid fading in the fabric. When you do wash your denim garment however, we recommend using a cold wash and a gentle setting with a mild detergent. Close any zips or buttons and turn the garment inside out. Wash with like colours and avoid overfilling the machine.

Avoid spot cleaning as this might remove areas of colour from your garment.

To dry, flatten out your denim into shape and then hang on the line to air dry. If there is excess water don’t wring denim out, gently roll up your garment and press out any water instead.