Nina-Cotton Pin Corduroy — Fabric & Care

At Kindling, we believe in long lasting timeless clothing that makes you feel good. We choose our fabrics with longevity in mind, using natural materials and partnering with amazing seamstresses for our manufacture. However the way we care for our clothing pieces is just as important. Each fibre and fabric requires a little bit of understanding as to its properties and best care methods. We hope you find our care guide useful!

This garment is a thin-rib mid-weight corduroy. It his a soft- velvety fabric with structure.


At Kindling we love corduroy! It’s soft, strong, super durable, and it feels and looks great. Corduroy, like velvet, is usually made from heavy cotton cloth. The striped ribs in corduroy are known as “wales”. These wales make the fabric strong and durable. The wale count indicates how many wales there are in an inch, so the higher the wale count the thinner the stripes. Standard corduroy is usually around 10-12 wales per inch, while “pincord” fabrics have a wale count above 16.


It’s best to turn your corduroy garments inside out to wash, and close any zips or buttons. Wash on a cold, gentle cycle with like colours. Try not to overfill your washing machine to avoid any friction that could wear down the surface of the corduroy.

Shake out your garment and smooth down any pockets or seams and hang it out to air dry. Corduroy is best stored hung up.