Cotton — Fabric & Care

At Kindling, we believe in long lasting timeless clothing that makes you feel good. We choose our fabrics with longevity in mind, using natural materials and partnering with amazing seamstresses for our manufacture. However the way we care for our clothing pieces is just as important. Each fibre and fabric requires a little bit of understanding as to its properties and best care methods. We hope you find our care guide useful!


Cotton is a natural, biodegradable fibre that has been used for thousands of years. To manufacture cotton, the fibres of the cotton plant’s seed pods are cleaned and spun into threads. They can then be made into a variety of fabrics, including corduroy and denim.

Cotton is versatile and retains colours well, meaning it’s great for beautiful prints and bold colours. Not only is it breathable, comfortable and durable, it is also super easy to care for.


Wash your cotton on a cool setting in the machine, preferably on a gentle cycle with similar colours. Try to not wash your cotton garments too much, this will help them to maintain their shape and colour for longer.

Shake out your garment to reshape it a little and peg it up or lie it flat - then there should be no need for ironing! Hanging it up in the shade will also prevent the colours from fading.