Angora Knit Jumper - Neon Pink


Olga De Polga's Montreal Angora Knit is the perfect combo of lush, cosy and classy. With the halo-ey glow that only Angora can provide, this garment does shed, so please be aware of this before committing to this amazing knit. Not to worry, shedding eases after a few wears. 

Does this Angora Sweater shed? Yes. If it does not, it is not ANGORA - or it composed of longer fibres. Although longer fibres shed less, the process involves plucking the rabbit - which is cruel. Our fibres are shorter because the rabbit is shorn - a cruelty-free process. Angora sweaters are known for being beautiful and soft. Unfortunately, they're also known for their tendency to shed on everything. Angora is a type of delicate wool that comes from the angora rabbit. While there's not a lot you can do to completely stop this shedding, you can control it to some extent. And, proper maintenance can prolong the life of your sweater.


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    This jumper will quickly become a cosy go-to for years to come. Its slightly oversized, boxy cut and fit flatters many shapes, and is perfect for pairing with pants and skirts. Crafted from the softest fibres, this ethically sourced angora sweater will keep you warm and cozy outside and in. The high angora content makes this sweater light and soft to touch, with the greatest of warmth to battle the elements and seize the day.\\

    Size 0 suitable for size 8-12 

    Size 1 suitable for 12-18

    80% Angora 20% Acrylic