Kindling began and is driven by the joy of making unique practical pieces from beautiful materials, to be worn or shared. 

Without being pushy we like to encourage the celebration of all things living… and we think that making beautifully crafted stuff that you can enjoy every day and will last a long time is a good idea!

Inspired by the good ‘ol days (when you could buy a telly that lasted sixteen years) we aim for sustainability and ethical practice. No short cuts, no factories, just quality for longevity and life.

All of our clothing is made carefully and skillfully by professional seamstresses we know personally in Vietnam. Each piece is cut then sewn by one person from beginning to end. While this may not be the fastest way to do things, it does mean that there is a certain hand finished quality and attention to detail across the whole garment and we feel this is worth paying extra and waiting longer for. 

In a world where nearly everything is mass produced in the most cost effective way possible, there is something very special about manufacture that is transparent and honouring to the people involved. The result being beautifully crafted clothing that lasts.


To see more about the design and making process please check out the blog where designer Nina (pictured above) shares the adventures and processes involved in bringing the label to life. We post photos of our work in progress, inspiration, fellow makers and the goings on of Kindling.


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