Staff Picks - Eliza who wears her clothes to death :)

Staff Picks - Eliza who wears her clothes to death :)

By Boost Commerce Collaborator

Staff Picks - Eliza who wears her clothes to death :)

As someone who’s been trying to shift to shopping more purposefully, Kindling clothes embody the thoughtful and timeless design I’ve been searching for. I tend to wear my clothes to death so having long-lasting, stylish clothes that I can wear for years while still looking good is a must. Working at Kindling has only deepened my understanding of the importance of well-constructed clothes that actually fit my body shape. And I’ll never be able to buy clothes without pockets again!

Eucalyptus Rodeo Pants - I cannot fault these pants - so flattering, so comfortable and the perfect most lush corduroy. I know a pair of pants is perfect when I could easily cycle in them all day and they look stylish.

Waste tee - I already have multiple prints in these tees, and am always eyeing off another one. They are my ideal cut, boxy but cropped so they sit great with anything high-waisted. For anyone else always on the hunt for the perfect tee - this is the one!

Pinafore - I’m a pants person through and through, but the Kindling pinafore is the dress that manages to push me out of that habit. So easy to style in heaps of different ways so it never gets boring, perfect for summer or winter, and again - cycling friendly!

OKOK socks - as someone who only owns black shoes, I’m always reaching for my sparkly or tie-dye OKOK socks to brighten up an outfit. Stretchy, comfy and the ideal above-angle length, these socks are even perfect for a classic socks/sandals combo.

Aacute earrings - I’m always excited to check out the latest delivery from Aacute, they choose such beautiful muted colour palettes, and as a terrazzo enthusiast any of their ‘terrazzo’ styles are my dream.