Staff Picks ~ Courtney the pants queen

Staff Picks ~ Courtney the pants queen

By Boost Commerce Collaborator

Staff Picks ~ Courtney the pants queen

Courtney’s picks

My style has changed so much since I started working for Kindling. I dress with so much more purpose and pride now. Maybe it’s because Nina matches her earrings to her socks to her nailpolish to her undies and that's what has inspired me or maybe it was that I had never found pants that fit my short body so well!! Whatever it is I feel as though I have finally found my very own style :)

Brass Heart Earrings- I feel like Nina made these earrings for me- maybe she did? I wear these with all my favourite t shirts but have also worn them on special occasions as a statement piece.

Ink Cord Rodeo- These are probably my very favourite cut of Kindling pants (I know I sorta say that about all of them) but they are just SO FLATTERING! Seriously, check out your bum in these pants! These pants are so adaptable you’ll be wearing them out to dinner, to the park or simply the grocery store.

Coal Linen Pants- I begged for the wide leg pants to be made in black. BEGGED. And I got them. Classic and forever, I imagine wearing these pants 10 years from now.

Green Linen Pants- These were the first pair of pants that I feel like changed my life. Seriously, being 5’2 I have NEVER thought I could wear wide leg pants and here I am with several pairs…These were the first pair of pants I bought after having my daughter and they were a huge step for me in owning my new body and feeling like myself again. Plus being a mum now and never having to iron them is such a huge win!

Coal Cocoon Jumpsuit- This is my date night outfit. I feel so put together in this jumpsuit when the truth is it really requires minimal effort. Just add big dangly earrings. I've also totally worn this with a tee and sneakers on a dog walk. It's kinda the perfect all- rounder.

Sage Velvet Jumpsuit- This has been my most recent purchase from Kindling. It's what I put on when I’ve had a hard day and I want to pick myself up a little. I feel like it fits me like a glove and the fabric and colour is super lush.

Halcyon Nights- Couple behind this beautiful brand are very special friends of mine and I love championing their brand in the store. Their kids' clothing is super fun and gender neutral plus my daughter has even been one of their little superstar models :)