A New Size ~ 16 ❣️

A New Size ~ 16 ❣️

By Nina O'Brien

A New Size ~ 16 ❣️

A few years back I made the difficult decision to start making Size 6’s instead of 16’s. ⠀

Difficult because I knew I would no longer be able to show some of my favourite customers clothing options for them, but the truth was even though we carried that size across our whole range, it was always the last size to sell, or left behind. Meanwhile I was constantly being asked for Size 6. ⠀

I wondered if our garment shapes did not translate to bigger sizes well, or if my grading knowledge was not advanced enough for juicier fits. In any case, I was a one woman show and not Target- I had to choose what was sustainable for me and the business. ⠀

Fast forward 4 years and I have been so happily and proudly selling so many pants to the bigger peached ladies 🍑🤩 and feel confident to start extending sizes again! ⠀
Look for Size 16’s in all of our excellent pant shapes from now on. (*** Mustard Rodeo’s new week🤤). Please give me feedback on how you like them, or how they can be improved?⠀

Kindling is a small indie label, but we do think big, and are driven by intention for good clothing for all women. We hope that if successful we can push in this direction of extended size ranges much much further.⠀

With love from lockdown xx Nina